Life was much simpler when apple and blackberry were just fruits,
People weren't high-fliers and were grounded to their roots.
When people were listeners and weren't talkers,
When early morning sounds would be those of the hawkers.
Things changed with the millenium,
people were gripped by the technology fever.
Alas,out went the leisure filled evenings,
The takers were many but there were not many givers!
Mobiles and laptops flooded the homes,
the chatters and laughs were lost amidst the typing tones.
Fast paced life doesn't make a person any younger,
There are no memories left for which one can ponder.
Experiencing the joys of nature is now a thing of the past,
Life's shows have now ensembled an all new cast.
Life was much simpler when a day off meant quality family time,
Now people think that playstation wins can make them outshine.
The gifts of nature shouldn't be left for misuse,
The angles of satisfaction must be right and never obtuse!
IPads and IPhones surely have made our lives easier,
They must be the calm winds of change and ultimately not make our lives busier!

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