I really don't know from where it is better to start it but I'm in a long di relationship with a sweet girl who had brought me good changes in my life, our worlds were different I was narrow minded kinda used to get insecure and upset on small things but she didn't gave up nor I and we made most of it.
We don't fight on popular topics like who is that girl who is that boy because we have deep trust on eachother's loyalty but I just don't know where the problem is I mean every single night I ask her do she loves me, these days every single night we catch up in some useless topics and sometimes things just goes out of controls.
No i Dont have any complaints about her she is a awesome girl of my life,
I can never have someone like her, I'm saying from my heart I don't want to lose her but somewhere when I feel that she is pretending to love me its just tears my heart in two, just can't explain I really love her I will not say what things i have done for her because I always seek to do more and she does alot for me she cares me alot sometimes but then again why it feels like somewhere she don't care for me at all.
She said I'm changed but I think she is changed but then again she proves it that she didn't changed.
I love her like everything all i want is just these things to be end between us because these things are just screw us both everytime, and i don't want to lose her for something which have no existence please help me guys i really need some help.

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