Why are you doing this to yourself,
Why are you doing this to me,
You gave me so much pain,
and You provoke me to come back here again,
Why is your love all in pain,
I never thought to give you pain,
Trust me do you know what i feel,
I will loose you,
and then i think to write again,
Why you are giving pain,
Please become happy,
If you cry again,
You know what will happen i will come again,
I want you to live happily,
So that you forget me,
But you come back writing your pain,
You want me to become mad,
and you become all sad,
I want you to be happy,
But this type of love where i have to live my parents,
to love you,
Did you ever know what was love for me,
It was simple where i can give you the love when you wanted,
But you made it so complex that you just give me a pain,
Everyday you make me mad
By telling me something sad,
You know what is love,
I want you to be happy,
If you don't love me,
Please don't give yourself pain,
Why are you filling me with tears,
when i read your article,
Do you ever know,
How do i spend my weekends,
Just thinking about you,
What is this love,
Where you never let me come near you,
What is this love,

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