I wanted to write this since a very long time.I couldn't tell why did I postpone it till now.May be I was doing the same thing which I am going to deglorify this time.
We must have seen many people who are pretty much worried about their past.They have a sustained thinking of their past actions and speculate about the effects they have caused even if none was bothered.This kind of views about oneself and considering yourself a culprit or criminal only because a few narcissistic individuals don't like you,is quite self destructive.I strongly opine not to treat yourself like crap.If you have done absolutely nothing wrong then there is no need to apologise to anybody.
I have heard some where
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

These unhappy group of people always exist in the prevailing society and their main objetive will always be to complain about your action.If you dont believe me then you can test this hypothesis at your own risk.You can start it at your own place.
I gave this experiment a chance and I got the expected result which I projected.once in my neighbourhood street , an old piece of furniture was lying in the corner of the street.An old man always complained about it that it looks quite ugly in our beautiful colony.I took that seriously and got it removed a week later.Do you know what that old man said after this.He said "You know,that old furniture didn't looked too bad.It was good .Children played on it it looked quite nice may be we should put it back."
Later I came to know that he used that old furniture for his dog daily morning pee and potty place.And his dog is now having difficulty to adjust in the new place.
This is the truth.Not only that event,I have seen many other people who respond in the same way.
The prime matter is that one should have firm belief in themselves and if they think it is morally and socially good, they shouldn't feel guilty about their actions.Even a criminal have complains about a policeman who arrested him.
Those "dhukhi aatmas" were always that way, so never bother about them.
Similarly,I think that the WRITERBABU is a place to express yourself you can write as much as you can even if you have scored ton,double ton or even triple,without thinking about the polls ,comments and likes.Some things in life are bound to move forward whether you like it or not.Just like age ,experience and maturity which are bound to get better with time.I don't get many polls on my writeups but still I write without bothering about the polls ,comments and likes.If they say it is good....I feel good and if they criticise it then too I should feel better because somebody is taking you seriously.
That is the whole idea here .We are evolving writers and this platform gives us the opportunity to dive in our passion,explore the depths and touch the limit of your imagination and challenge the limit itself without any remorse before this life slips away gradually.
I read once-
“I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”

So we must enjoy our passions and having firm belief in ourselves we should do whatever we think is right and good for the society and the mankind as a whole.

P.S.-And Never feel guilty unless you are one..............


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