Never love , Never love and Never love

who the fuck told me this. Yes one of my friend told me this and then we never met each other. Why because i believed in love.
Another friend told "Let her decide who she loves " and what she told you know "i have a boyfriend" . See how idiot or stupid i am .
Everytime i expect her to say me " I love you" but do you know what is her response " I have a boyfriend"
I went to her to ask " do you want to marry me and I bought some gifts for her " and do you know what she gave the response from her friend - "she doesn't want to talk to you"

who the fuck i am?
Everytime i loose and everytime she enjoys the harmony , the dominating nature like a tyrant leader,

Well destiny is not god that i know . my destiny is not you that also i know and i also know that i hate you . I don't regret because after hearing so many "innocuous no's " i feel who the hell are you to refuse me everytime.

atheist and being blasphemy is cool and I don't believe in the god ( yes its cool ). I observed one thing. I was cool when i didnt love anybody and I had no one to care. I had no friends, I sat alone, I played guitar for myself, I wrote for myself, I stood with everyone, I took care of everyone if they wanted, Everyone was my friend, Everyone i loved, I never hated anyone ,I ate alone, I enjoyed talking to myself, I enjoyed singing with myself and I enjoyed my company, I enjoyed novels, I enjoyed everyone's conversation either girl or boy. I enjoyed spending money on anyone i get. I enjoyed walking on the streets alone, I enjoyed myself. Going to the same path...........An atheist ( god you please never ever come near me do you get it ) you are supposed be with someone who needs you :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;wow
and Yes my new life will be this way ..............( true life , This is the life it is supposed to be
Today i want to tell those who have different mindset " Please don't love because you are different from each other"

Fuck this world because it has all pain for you................ :)

Lets write hate stories instead of this love story : and Fuck :)

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