So let's get this started. I totally think I can never be protagonist of any story. Let me list the points which totally prove it.
1.) All protagonists have an interesting life with ups and downs. Well, my life???'s so plain and uninteresting that I can actually predict my entire week.

2.) Half of the protagonists seem to be that damsel who is alone and no one seems to befriend her as she is socially awkward and she is hated by the "bitches" of her life. Aww...poor girl. Well, it is totally unfortunate I'm not socially awkward and all the "bitches" like me. attempts to be a perfect protagonist fails pompously.

3.)Then comes the love interest part. Leave.It.

4.) Every protagonist seems to be stereotyped. If they're stupid, they'll stupid. If they're shy, they'll be socially awkward also. If they are smart, they'll be mean. And I'm not stereotyped. I'm always mean.

5.)She is a "abla nari". I'm not. Another disappointment.

So, you see I can never be that part in story about whom the story is based. I will be that best friend who is smart and is always telling the lead not to do the stupid stuff she tends to. Or I will be that antagonist who always knows how predictable the protagonist can get. Or I will be that invisible person in a ghost movie giving that 'duh' expression when everyone dies not because of the scary ghosts but just because they're darn stupid.
In the end, my life story will be the death of boredom where I'll will just be narrating my exciting daily bus ride which exists only for 10 minutes every day. Except that, I think I got nothing interesting. Thus, I feel I will never be a protagonist of an interesting tale.

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