Never love a girl of this type - This is my suggestion to every lover and every person who love someone. if you love someone just go and ask her and if she denies then she doesn't love you. May be later if she says that i want you to become this or that. That is clear sign that she doesn't want you the way you look or are right now. Never fall in this type of love.

Love somebody who love you for whatever you are right now- Never love someone who says they have expectation from you . if you don't fill this expectation, my love will go void. I will find somone, may be who is rich and stable.

Age matters - Yes love has no restriction but never love someone who is elder than you like lets suppose 3 to 5 years gap and more. Yes love the person who is of your age or who is your friend or who you think you can love in a straightforward manner.

To the Dumb lover - if you are really stupid find someone who is more stupid than you. so that yes she will never make fun of you. if you can't find live your life alone. Infact it will give you more happiness.

Smart Lovers - Yes you can get the love very easily. So you don't have to worry.

Cute girl - Yes you don't have to worry because someone will come for you in any case because you are adorable. So don't worry ( this is to my girl friend too)

Why i describe this ?
Yes i wanted to tell you my experience of love

I won't tell my story but i want to say you, the day this girl came in my life yes seriously i did not live my life for myself but tried living for her. I was happy without anyone but she had some other plans to destroy my life which i imagined to be beautiful . I had no hopes, I had no dreams, I did not look good but she told me that you look the worst.i never wanted to love because i knew how i looked. But she didn't wanted me to live that way, it all perished. My focus towards study is now null, Yes i tried i working hard when she was not there. I had dreams .....may be a psychotic dreams but they do existed.

After all its not her mistake too, it was my assumption that she loved me. Please and please never love someone who tells that you have to achieve this to get her. Never ever love that girl.

This is also to the girl i loved - Please love a guy who can achieve your goals, your dreams, and please never let anyone come in life if you really don't love him. You deserve a nice life. if your friends showed you this path, then its wrong. I don't know if this is the love a bengali people do then yes thats wrong love. To play with someone's life . Don't make this mistake ever in your life.You are independent and your life is made of your decisions not someone else not your brother, not your friends, not your parents and not anyone. Never take any decision in force. so be proud whatever you are. Be proud and stand proud, Have no fear, And work and study. If people look at you in different way , Just avoid them and work hard. You are very young trust me. I know you got a lot of goals to achieve so achieve them. Forget whatever happened before and be smart. Don't take the pills and stop slashing your hands. Live life till you can and the day you have to die , You will die in anycase.

I don't love anyone.

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