Most men make women dance to their tunes. That is what I have heard women telling. But, there are women who too make some men dance to their tunes.

These women are special; so also their men. The women characters I have in mind were young, privileged and of exceptional beauty. The men were wealthy and powerful. Their love was of physical attraction (raw or civilized) and was not meant to last for life. Further, these men, unlike us, were poly-amorous. We have read about them in history books. I give here a few examples. Helen and Paris, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Antony, Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Of the four pairs, Helen was married to the King of Sparta and then eloped with Paris of Troy. This led to the famous Trojan war that lasted for many years and in which Troy was completely destroyed and justifiably so. Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt. She sold her beauty for gaining political strength, first with Caesar and then after his death, with Antony. Queen of Sheba, a black beauty of Africa, went to King Solomon's palace, lived with him for 12 months or more, and returned to her country much against the entreaties of Solomon.

In our own land, it is well known how the rakshas girl and Ravana's mother dictated to Vishravas, how King Shantanu bent to the selfish designs of MatsyaGanddha-cum-Satyavati, Kaikeyi to Dasharattha and so on. In the so-called Raja-Niti or statecraft, such things keep happening till date. Yet, these bold gals and guys are put in such high pedestal!!


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