What a new year, wish some one had told me.
I thought it was the 1 first day of January.
Oh my dear. I guess I missed all of last night.
I went to bed thinking today was tomorrow.
Because it was midnight. Someone tell me you
were up all night. I went to bed, no thing I
thought would make today a new year. I guess
I missed it. What was the big deal?
Tomorrow is a work day, I guess I missed what,
was the big deal. I will sleep tonight, tomorrow
will be the second day of January.
Cold it will be, I have to work no matter what day tis will be.'
I made no resolutions, I had no idea I had some solutions.
OH well. I am still here, I guess that's all that matters.
Goodnight world that I see, a world that I read.

Tags: Humor

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