This is an attempt to direct the right content to the right readers.

[ You need to take few polls before you can experience the real change ]

There is no good post or a bad post. A post you like so much may not be taken that well by others. Its just that people are different and their taste is different too ( based on their past/present and cultural background). I believe, that the taste is more author specific than category specific. Sometimes other way round, but less often ( that will be tackled too).

Earlier your news feed was the summary of all the activities from users whom you are friends with and those whom you have followed**. Now people who are not in your connection but you like them may also get included in your feed.

In this release the news feed has been trained to read user's polling pattern and deliver the content accordingly. So if you keep polling a hummm to an author he/she will not show up in your feed eventually. Please don't try that out ... :P. The new feed understands that if you always give a hummm then a nice is just too good for you. Similarly if you always give a hats off then another hats off will not have any significant contribution towards your taste determination.

Another improvement is that the posts on which you have already taken poll or commented will not show up in the news feed again and again so that you can move on and see other stories too.

The new algorithm will be improved more and more as data will be collected after it goes live and will analyse how successful it is. Will try out various approach and experiment a bit in the next one month. Please let me know your views about it.

Also am thinking to do away with the system of making friends and just keep the follow option. Need to simplify more.

** If you have very few friends and you have not followed anyone then no constraint is applied. If you are a new user and its your first post, special arrangements have been done to give proper visibility to your post too. That will be released soon. Will talk on that later.

Feedback please!!

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