Hello! babus!

Since WB is all about trends and I thought of starting a new trend now, only if all other babus join in

The latest was a 5-sentence story trend started by Sushree [So innovative! :) ]
So we've all read and written about love and break ups and romance and erotica and posts about girls and relationships.
Let's start a new trend of writing something which we haven't written till date. The joy of writing a new genre.

For e.g., if I am an expert in writing love stories (lol half the babus are!), then i would now write something different from love stories, say, horror.

Similarly, you all can do the same.

So I want you all to acknowledge this and comment if you're game or not?

Let me name this trend. Urmm, what about #NewTrendOnWB ? or suggest?

But do reply.

Best. VL

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