People give nishant dash a tribute,
People Love him,
People want him back,
People applaud him,
People honestly it was because of me he left this door of poem,
People i am your culprit,
I wish that he will come back,
I wish for him every day,
I love him more than i do myself now,
He made me to love someone,
Anyways i am lost in the stage of oblivion,
But i want him to come back,
He fought for me from everyone,
He is still the fighter,
I wish for him,
I am the culprit,
I am the vulture,
Wish he comes back one day to write with his pen,
I wish for him,
He was great writer who just not wrote but helped his friends,
He is great to me he is always the best buddy,
To die for him will be small word,
To sacrifice for my best friend who never showed his pain but kept sacrificing,
I am the culprit to make nishant dash to leave this door of poem

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