Felt rejected when somewhere else took you my love,
Felt betrayed when meant you not what you said ,
Felt dismayed when from us carved you a shallow I ,
Felt pain when vices dripped from your inner core.

Felt anguish when you covered me with lame excuses,
Felt shattered when into deceit morphed you facts,
Felt bewildered when my heart longed for your hand,
Felt exhausted when your stories called for guesses.

Felt panic when you left me and watched from afar,
Felt disillusioned when "Don't know love" you claimed,
Felt stupefied when "its not like that" was all you said,
Felt morbidly haunted when your mask dropped ajar.

Felt dark walls when no words could cause uproar,
Good words couldn't instill the missing human spirit ,
Hence these lines are about what was felt on and on ,
Because words can't contain what you are at your core.

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