I'll never know what it's like to be free
Every memory sewn into my skin reminds me
Of the pain that stops me from living
The horrors that haunt me are unforgiving

It's like I'm the only one with these feelings
And with so many scars that it's revealing
My breath starts to slow as I am thinking
My eyes cry dust while I am dreaming

I used to love dreams...
Especially when I was flying
But now it seems...
In them, I'm always dying

Now I am just a puppet
Dangling from the strings
I wonder how I missed it
The moment I lost everything

The pain inside slowly goes numb
As I inject the poison in
Every emotion becomes like one
And I start to die within

So why the cutting and the pain? - I have been asked
Does it make you laugh or cry? - I live in apathy
How long before I go insane? - A faithless task
Do you want to die? - I have no sympathy

I know from where I'm standing
There is no one here but me
I felt this from the beginning
The cold aura of being lonely

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