I'm sorry
For the distance I've put
Between our hearts

I'm sorry
For taking your smile away
darkening your spirit

I'm sorry
For causing you pain
And not loving you

I'm sorry
I couldn't lie
But you couldn't express

It's been some time now
Hurts to see you
Still in pain

I never felt the you did
I told you so always
Am not guilty

You said it's okay
We will be friends always
I tried but you couldn't
Am not guilty

I tried messaging you
Wanted to help you out of this mess
But you didn't respond

You promised you would come out of this
Instead you stopped talking to me
Hurts to see you like this

Was never in love with you
But emotionally attached yes
Sorry to make you suffer
But I suffered too.

Always wanted to tell you this
But couldn't
Am not guilty
Yet am sorry

Wanna see you happy
Wanna see you smile
Wanna do everything
To make this come true

Am not guilty
yet sorry.

Tags: Guilt

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