like any other love story..your love story must have started the same way like this...a guy came across a beautiful girl in his was that time he felt crush on her for the first time..that was the time, so beautiful and remain lost in her thoughts seemed better than doing anything else..she looked soo pretty,perfect in all ways.

he got in contact with her through common friends...they exchanged phone numbers..began texting..knowing more about each other as 'friends' but for the boy it was more than friendship..he felt love for her..deep and true..and was not able to resist and proposed her...

then what???? ofcourse'NO'..girls don't say yes that easily

he was broken but yet had faith over his destiny that he will get her someday..they remained friends..'good friends'..after sometime the gal realized his care n love n she also started liking him..she went crazy about him..the love that grew from her side was more profound..she began giving 'hints'..these were one of the best moments in guy's life and soon they had the big day when he proposed again and she accepted...they got committed in LOVE:):)

...this is how all love stories happily end in movies. but i think reality is a bit different..there is nothing like 'and they lived happily then after'

the day they got committed was the not the beginning of was the beginning of relationship.

a relationship which started off smoothly...perfect with everything, loads of hugs,kisses,lots of places to explore together,late night calls,lots of care,lots of gifts,cards and just the two of them always together

a year later...

it never felt the same it used to feel before..when there were no kisses..but just an eyecontact seemed exciting...
now there are valentine day cards but don't know what to write.
the girl seemed no more that beautiful and the boy not that caring.
care turned into responsibility and then turned into warning that if not done..consequences may be bitter fights and blames
talks were nothing more than questions...mostly 'why'
and every joke was taken seriously..especially the one if anyone from family came in between.
the loss of friend's importance and to give time to them became the biggest issue among them.
going out together seemed like wastage of money and time..
and gifts were supposed to be only for birthdays n anniversary..otherwise its a boring shopping.
cricket matches were never blamed this badly for studies.
and cigerettes and alcohol were presented 100 times more injurious.

he don't know what is wrong, he loves her soo much..and the gal loves him too but things are not working out..there is a difference in being in love and being in relationship

no more poems he writes on love but think what lines will he used in the sad poem the other day they will break up.

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