I am almost over her. A standard 5 year long ________ relationship

I spent so much time thinking about relationships that I could have actually got a PhD in the same amount of effort and dedication. And naturally by the end of the relationship her every reaction and action was pretty much predictable for me. What I could not control was my own reaction. I never wanted to pretend anything for I knew that's not good for a long term relationship. So finally we fought just like old times and I knew this was our last fight. It actually was.


Here are few things that I want to share with folks here who are in their early twenties or closing up on teen life. Its also for the older folks, those who played safe all their life and never got to learn from their mistakes. Here I go ... (after this image)

1. The purpose of your life is not to get or please that someone special. Never ever.

2. Your opposite sex best friend, for whom you care too much, is never going to be your friend again, ever. Run away, you are on the road to hell!!

3. If sex is always on your mind, that is totally normal(but not so cool). You are a very creative person, start doing something creative, you will excel and your life will no longer revolve around sex thoughts.

4. Guys, always go by the instincts. Talk straight. If you like her, just tell her. If you already love her, just fucking forget her!! Dear lovely girls, never propose a guy. Don't be easy. Don't be jealous. Just be cool and playful. Enjoy!!

5. Guys, never try explaining logic to girls. Ignore her if you have to, but never fight. Girls, never compare in a relationship. Male ego hits back really hard.

6. If you are confused for whether to hold on or let go and both seems equally bad/good, just let go.

7. Even the most committed guy checks out other girls and same goes with the girls. Although it may hurt sometimes, but just be cool.

8. Never discuss past relationships.

9. Never make it a habit to tell each and everything to each other. You will miss out sometimes and that will be bad for you.

10. Never take relationship advice. From anyone.

11. Give respect, space and time.

12. Guys, keep calm and just listen. Girls, let your man help you when you need. Don't go to others. Its for their ego boost. They will love you more.

You should know where to stop!


Disclaimer: Images are just share here. Not owned in anyway.
P.S: Title was just to grab your attention!

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