After my awakening I felt thrilled. Filled to the brim with motivation, I set out to take the bull by its horns and then conquer everything! There was nothing in my way that could stop me. I was awake and ready to allow the glory of victory to be won. Except...

He looked at me with a hidden agenda painting his face as he slowly began to climb the steel. It was as if he was scaling a cliff of steel with one hand reaching upward to clench a book spine, any book spine with his free hand as the other hand held tightly to the opposite side for support. His ingenuity threw my whole plan down the toilet. That's when I realized. Just because I was awake didn't mean that this little guy would allow me to endure said path without him challenging me first and every moment afterwards.

Moral of the story is that if you should come upon an awakening during your life and you will! Just remember that just because you're awake doesn't mean your baby or anyone else isn't going to challenge you. But that doesn't mean you give up. Not so fast! No you keep on going until you're knee deep in toy city because your soft bare foot fell nicely on that plastic letter you didn't see. Bringing you a grounding that's less spiritual and more well...just in your face.

Just one of them BabyDayz

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