What an asshole" She Said
But I am not an asshole
I have a asshole
If not an asshole
Who am I?
The part of the brain that store memory
Or the part which holds the Genes
The knowledge which has been transferred through ages
But these are also a part of me
Why am I not the air I breathe
which mixes with blood to go through the entire body
Why am I not the apple I ate
Which provided energy to whole of my being..
Why am I so conditioned to identify myself with a part of brain
Which science tells us change...
I am much more than it can be..
I am the universe..
The water of the sea, the snow of the mighty Himalayas, the air which can bring storms, the flower of the spring..
I am in it all..
I am the infinity
I am not someone trapped in a Human Body
I am the Universe

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