Of vibrant dreams and tangy capsicums,
Of dried tears and dull onions.
Of the trails left behind by potato peel,
Of a piercing shriek caused by knife's kill.
Of the spring in the steps like an apple,
Of the dance to the beats like a lady's finger.
Of the lonely crusader and the cauliflower mesh,
Of the world of food which made me obsessed.
Of the light which shines on the shimmering bean,
Of the red hot looks of the tomato spleen.
Of elan and poise and the violet brinjal,
Of a picture of grace like the strawberry single.
Of a clear blue water and a cool cucumber,
Of the hot summer sun and the spicy chillies.
Of the world of sublime which lime brings,
Of the tranquility which a banana sings.
Of the racy heartbeat which mango brings,
Of the false alarm which cabbage rings.
Of peace with radish and love with carrot,
Of a mood with the omnipresent eatable tarot!!

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