Of late inter-net is being flooded with posts having very little or no substance. One, of many such posts, that I read, was titled 'Baking Soda - True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry' (Monday, June 30, 2014). The eye-catching title was alluring.

The post has text like 'Heard stories of people who have sworn it to have rid their cancer.' 'Baking soda helps to save countless lives everyday.' 'Baking soda is being proven time and time again that it is one of the most useful substances in the world.' 'Simple baking soda is an important medicine and one of the safest to use.' The article cites a number of examples telling it is good for this and good for that like it acts against toxicity. The post concludes with the sentence "Just make sure to buy and use organic baking soda that contains no aluminium."

After going through the article, many readers may just laugh it away. But this is not the point. I have given my valuable time and energy expecting to learn something that is not available in standard text-books. But what I have received is crap. And remember, this type of trash publishing relating to health, beauty, skin, etc. is not an exception to the rule. They are in profusion. Just try getting ORGANIC BAKING SODA that has NO ALUMINIUM in it, as the post advises. And do not forget to share your experience.

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