There is a breed of humans which specializes in lying. They are devious, evasive and sneaky. They lie through their teeth and they do it so silkily, you would be taken by the charade.

Despite that, there is a super human strength in their characters you wouldn't find even if you combed through the thicket of people who lie just for the sake of lying.. They lie because they are too strong to yield to the emotions that slice their hearts with pain..they lie because if they came clean, you would drown in the sea of sorrow they have made their quintessence..they lie because there always is that one person who you know is your tethering pole, the strong hold you look for when the earth under your feet shaken with's their very subterfuge that allows you to sleep at night, while they writhe in agony the goddess of truth rains on you..

So they lie..they frisk your worries away, and so many times have they repeated this act of innocent treachery, they actually find it difficult to tell the truth about their feelings..they would tell you they are okay when they are dying a thousand deaths at a time..they would tell you the flip side of a bad situation, show you the light at the end of the tunnel..they would tell you stories with happy endings when anguish ranks their hearts..they would take you gliding over galaxies of make-believe in the bleakest, blackest nights of gloom.. this is the one thing they excel at.. blatantly lying.

You may not like them but the truth is, you are glad they are ready to tackle the blows that fate administers for your turn to them for protection because despite their deceit, you know it's them that make you see the world all scented and perfumed and like a deity when it's actually a cruel old lady..

And in all those tall tales they tell, they have a favorite's the story they tell when you ask why their eyes are misty or their hands are shaky or why they tossed and turned all night in bed..they lie the best when they say they are fine..

They lie, everyday, because they don't know how to tell the truth.
They lie because if they didn't, you would be too depressed to live.
They are tricksters and actors and charlatans and con artist because they don't know how to be otherwise, how to breakdown and cry. They are superheroes.. yours and mine alike.

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