Belief is described as something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction
Funnily enough, belief will make you do things that you wouldn’t think you were capable of.
All you need to do is believe that its true. Doesn’t matter if what you believe, is crap.
Imagine if you believe that you could live only on water for 10 days. Your body makes it possible.
Think that you can climb that tree in front of you, and you most probably will be able to.
Think you can blow yourselves up with all the poor idiots around you, and find a place in heaven with 72 virgins?? :P
You most probably definitely will be able to do it.
If you think you will be able to fool a billion people into agreeing with you, or not giving a shit about what you do.. you’re already a politician or probably our very own prime minister! :D
So think about it. Anything you want in life is possible only if you believe.
By the way you cant just say you believe and it’ll happen, you need to really really believe in it. With all your mind and soul ( doubt if most politicians have either, but well..)
Total and complete belief. Absolute. No questions asked.
Now you’re thinking that you possibly cannot believe in anything that much!
Think again…
If a human being is told something often enough.. he or she believes it sooner or later.
Do you believe in God, most of you will say yes.
If someone told you enough times that you’re cool, you’ll probably believe it (case with most of the youngsters and Bollywood stars like ranveer singh and tushar kapoor)
So next time you want to really do something.. remember the rats! Or our politician (lots of similarities between the two) believe with all your mind and soul and you’ll be ok. or keep muttering about it to yourself all day.. one way or the other you'll make it true..

Probably :P

and if you believe everything i have written here.. see its working already!! :D

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