They say I’m arrogant;
That I am a bit too proud,
Yes, I am. But that’s truly me.
Yes, I cry for no apparent reason,
Yes, I ponder over petty things a lot.
I nag people.
I insult some of them even
But then I never told that I’m a good little girl.
I do have my dark sides.
My anger.
My wrath.
I know these are monstrous.
There is pitch darkness inside my seemingly happy soul.
But you know what ?
At least, I don’t try to hide it.
I don’t regret my past.
However bad it has been.
I don’t fear my future.
However insecure it seems to be.
It is not because I’m over confident;
Or arrogant;
As some people prefer to call me.
It’s just that
I’m being really ME.
Whatever happens; however bad the days might be;
Life can defeat me
But NOTHING can defeat the zeal of LIFE in me...

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