I wish she talked to me like that,
I wish she listened to me like that,
I wish she tried to understand my pain too,
I wish she tried to bring a smile on my face too.
I wish I was still important to her like I used to be,
But here I am, longing for her,
I'm waiting for the day she'll finally bring to me a genuine smile,
It hurts, it feels as if my being is nothing,
And I only feel lonely all the time!
Lucky are those who are important to her,
Lucky are those who can get her company.
But here I stand, waiting for her to fulfill my wish for so long.
I wish I hadn't told her that I love her,
Then she wouldn't have hurt me like this!
I feel lonely, I am lonely these days,
And this pain just increases by time.
Oh! I wish...

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