I am smothered by the same thoughts of self again, wash em all away my dear stranger tides. As the sand under my feet slid with the returning you, why does my heavy heart still weep with your gentle voice? Its a funny world we live in, more I try to see less I understand, but more I try to understand the less I see. such a world of confusion and chaos is what has brought me here to you today. I was lost into the denseness of life, filled with fear of being lost into this deep abyss of unknown, unable to control, unable to omprehend. But the similar chaos I believe has brought you here to me didn't it.? So many mysteries you hold, of the shores you visited, of the feet you touched, of the vastness you behold and conquered, of the cold wind you danced with, and of the blush of a bride you wear while the mighty sun caress you. Oh dear stranger tides, I cant help but wonder, will I ever meet you again? There is so much to ask, and there is so much more to learn..! Yet here you are returning to the mighty ocean, leaving me with this wonder of your's. I know. The world is yours to explore and I cant stop you from who you are. smashing the hard rocks, shaping them for yourself, slowly yet surely, travelling impossible distance, against the current using the opposing winds for your advantage, forever exploring the unknown, forever leaving me alone with this state of wonder. Maybe what you are is what I want to be. A tide. Oh my dear stranger tides, I shall meet you again someday, somehow, Perhaps with different thoughts than the one I have now. Perhaps next time I shall bring a decent gift, a message to share, a thought to wear, A tale of a new tide. A tide just like you. A tide you inspired. 

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