Far from the horizons they come
Wrapped in shivering cold
Carrying leaves in their palms
Carrying remembrances of many stories told
And then those old mountain winds
Jump deep the valley, suddenly then rise
They tell the saga of Jacob- the brave lamb
Who was cute in looks and in heart was wise
Once he got struck in the herd of jackals
Alone he was; frightened and numb
But his heart was carrying hopes
He was a bright chap; not at all dumb
The old mountain winds witnesses that day
Something mesmerizing; something unusual
When one feeble little lamb
Defeated the king, which was strong and cruel
Jacob asked the king chase him
He ran as if it was his last run
And on the end of cliff he changed the side
Leaving the jackal to fall in a drum
He then pushed the drum down the valley
And ran away to the far green land
He jumped and ran; he smiled and leaped
With old mountain winds-hand in hand
His saga inspires those
Who fear to face the plights
His victory shows the power of valor
Using it one can touch enormous heights
The old mountain winds sing this song
Every time they flow in valley, shaking the old tram
They touch the face and say in the ear
Rise high; face the fear; shine like Jacob the lamb

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