Now, before you read the rest of this and expect to be entertained, be warned. I care very little about how satisfied you are by the time you finish reading this. I'm usually a very cheery and optimistic person while I'm awake and about, but sometimes... oh gosh... sometimes... I'd like to just talk and not sound like I'm having a jolly good time. I’m typing this out simply because I felt the need to. If, however, you’re willing to lend an ear, do listen. I'd be glad if you could type out what you feel down below.

I’m an awkward teenager. I’m weird in the sense that I don’t understand clothing or cosmetics and I don’t always want to talk about who said what and to whom, which is difficult if you want to make a lot of friends. Yes, it’s juicy information but not something I obsess. I don’t like sitting and getting chatty about the latest comments on some social networking sites and I find candle light dates a silly idea. I don't understand how you can eat and have a decent conversation with someone with a plate of food in front of you.

In all honesty I'd rather be alone and pour my thoughts out through this keyboard that promises not to judge me no matter what I type, than to explain myself to another unstable teenager who has too many hormones pumping through its system to comprehend the complexity that is my tangled and messy mind. I mean really, I don't care about the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan or which song from which movie is a 'must have' on my playlist or what colour is the talk of the season. I don't care if I don't listen to music from musicians most kids think are too cool to avoid. There are so many other important things I'd rather hear about from you.

I spend a lot of my spare time on the internet talking or listening to other people from various nationalities or communities. The internet is amazing in the sense that it allows you to find good company, if you try to look for them. Of course, it is important who you talk to but I've been lucky enough to have been taught the ways of the inter webs by my parents. To me, the internet is like a long never ending celebration. I like to think of it as a huge carnival, where every ride is the same distance away from you-a few clicks away.

I wear men’s T-shirts when I go out sometimes. Not because I think it’s cool but because the ones that get too small for my dad are loose and airy for me and I’m not very keen on buying and trying out new outfits at malls. Besides, the ladies’ clothes are boring and too tight fitting for comfort and bear printed quotes that are too pretentious to adorn my torso with (“Glam gal”, “Recycle Boys”, “Naughty and Nice” ...yeah right). But you know what? None of that has ever bothered me, for those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.

Also, I like singing. I have a different earworm every week. You'd often find me whistling or beating a table to a rhythm. I'm stopped for doing that if I'm around other people because it can get understandably annoying so I usually restrict it to the confines of my room.

However, having said all this, I wouldn't say I'm a socially awkward person. I can get along quite well with any sort of company, whether I enjoy it or not, but I may take a while. I'm quite the extrovert that way and I've been told I'm the example of a 'happy-go-lucky' or 'care-free' person. I beg to differ. I care a lot about the things I love, sometimes to an extent the I could cry over the silliest of things for the pettiest of reasons. I'm sorry if all I've managed to do is confuse you, but I've only known myself for seventeen years so I'm trying.

You've been kind enough to read all the way down here so thank you for listening. Enough about me then. Tell me something about yourself..

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