The little knowledge that I have about Alzheimer's Disease tells me that it is basically related with memory loss in old age and ultimately results in death.

I am quite young and already full of grudges, which I can't heal unfortunately, so I have left that to time. Anyhow, I think that memory loss before death is a good way to die.. :) Forgetting all the times one has been wronged makes one free of the emotional baggage that we carry around every single day of our lives and its alot more easier to be kind, non partisan and loving. Once you don't remember the people and the wounds they stabbed into your soul, life becomes peaceful and so does death. Its a beautiful way to die but a horrible way to live. Because allowing yourself to trust those who hurt you over and over again is sheer stupidity.

Related to this is the issue of cheating. A trending topic on most 'Relationship advice' columns in a host of papers and magazines is the query which goes something like this: one partner cheats on the other and then apologizes over and over; and the other partner being in a dilemma usually writes for advice on what to do next-give a chance or quit.

Honestly I never saw the dilemma.
Its easy to be guilty and apologise every single day for the rest of one's life. But its tough to stick to one's morals in the face of appeasement and sensual titillation. Yet all the love in the world of one partner was not enough to stop the other from going ahead and gambling on the years of love, trust and friendship of the two 'lovers.' If one partner was selfish and greedy enough to make the gamble for one night of the forbidden fruit then that is not love in the first place.

If at its best, the 'love' wasn't good enough and wasn't strong enough to act as a deterrent then how can it ever be better after one of the two partners has been wronged? I don't think its love. I think its a compromise that people settle for, believing that that was the best they could have. Why do people not believe in themselves? Why do people not stand up for their dignity?

"We all receive the love that we think we deserve" and I would like to add to that thought- that if we haven't wronged anyone, if we haven't hurt anyone, if we have given our best in love but are wronged and have been hurt, we must BELIEVE in ourselves and BELIEVE that we deserve better.

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