Picked up a pen but just not able to write
I have no clue what is wrong and what is right
The poems I wrote are now a distant past
But a few feelings I have managed to express at last

Well, it has been almost 2 years since I have written a piece. I really felt the urge to pour out my emotions, but somewhere along I lost the inspiration to write and the will to open up my thoughts in the form of words. But today after a long time I have decided to find a new zeal, because of course life has to move on.  But one last piece to just throw out whatever feeling I have in me for this once a very special person

Sitting quietly along the river,
Lost in a world of my own..
Life will be so hard and crude,
I wish I had known..

A lovely couple walks by holding hands,
I look at my hands and feel sad..
And I can’t stop wondering about,
The times I miss, Moments I could have had..

But she lives peacefully in my heart,
Waiting for the day I hold her in my arms..
Aahhh those beautiful eyes and the smile,
That grace and the girlish yet gracious charms..

I miss the faces she makes,
Her kiddish expressions..
Aaahh she was my sunshine,
My most prized possession..

She was the only one, 
Who made my life brighter than the sun.. 
I wish we were together, 
Life would have been so much fun..

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