I'm not an online dater. Let me start there... but, I am a gamer, all my life have been. so I do meet people online... Im from a Spanish speaking country, yet my gaming passion along with music and movies passion allowed me to learned English good enough from a young age.
This is how I met, HIM.
We gamed together on a popular online PC game. Him and I had many friends in common whom we used to play with. I never really cared for him in that way since well, all my teenage years I had a boyfriend with me... (8 years that relationship lasted...) so that was never important to me, and more importantly, I always thought an online relationship or just a long distant relationship just wasnt for me.
I should've known better. Of course. If you don't want it. You will get it. And you will get it double.
Anyway, after 8 years with my first and only love, I was devastated... Didnt wanna do anything at all. I've dealt with depression all my life and even before I had to leave him for my own good, I had been depressed for how I had seen my relationship slip away from my fingers.
Then He came along.... It had been years already since we met on this online game, we used to talk alot on Skype with our friends and play together. Those days were behind. Yet, we talked from time to time on Facebook. Yes, from here is pretty easy to figure out what happend next, he was there for me when I needed someone the most and he showed me care and comprenhesion on this time of need I was going thru. Altho, that wasn't it. It didn't matter what I said or did, he would be there. He would smile and stay calmed as I went down on tears on my own memories of all the bad decitions I've made myself deal with.
This wasn't just an online relationship. This was real. We spent nights together drinking and listening to music together video chatting on Skype. Always chatting on whatsapp, all day, all night, about it all.
He was everything I ever wanted. He was THAT person that can make you cry with joy every now and then. To me, that was a new feeling. It didn't matter I had a long term boyfriend, I had never felt like that before. Was it real love?
Or IS IT just fake?

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