Problems at work place makes life miserable.
By changing ourselves,we can force other
people change.We can persuade them to
relate to us in a calmer and less stressed way.
The biggest clue to our personality
how we treat other people.

* All of us need compliments, People trust you
If you see their good points .

* Speak to everyone in a kind tone of voice.

* Ask Subordinates what they need ,It is easier
to become a true leader at work ,If other
people think you are looking out for them .

We can lower tension between ourselves and other
person by complimenting them, speaking kindly
to them, and asking what they need .

We need to protect the emotional well-being
of all workers at workplace. Actually , all working adults
have a number of stress full issues they bring to work.
The work place is full of tension.
It is advisable to have Open Door Policy
for the workers to talk about stress.
This will reduce tension in work place
and relationship between workers.

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