Recently I came across a post on Facebook on Rape and sexual assaults faced by women in India. It was an open letter written to India's PM and some other influential male superstars asking them to do something about this.


I was able to relate myself with the ordeal of that woman but I don't think that just making stringent laws is going to stop this.


Rapes or sexual assualts happen because they know they are not going to get caught and have to face law.

Why do they think so ??

1. They know that our society blames girl so the victim may think this as her own mistake and not come forward.

2. They think women will be ashamed to tell anyone.

3. Even if they get caught, they will get away with it because of the time that takes in court proceedings and everything.

4. Rapists won't loose support of their friends and family. Family will simply deny, rapist will get arranged marriage. Married rapists would continue living with wife and kids. 

5. In case of minors, Rapists take advantage of the unawareness of children on their bodies and no idea of sex.


What needs to be changed is the mindset of people especially women. If a man gets away with groping a woman once, he will repeat it. I ask woman to punch and kick the gropers as hard as you can, don't wait for any guy to come around to help.


We generally freeze up in case of any molestation, because we are in fear. Fear of loosing our respect. But we need to understand that anybody touching you against your will will loose his respect and not you. 


Raise awareness in children of their body and good touch or bad touch.


Public shaming of rapists. Take his  pictures and post on social media. There is more awareness and boldness due to social media. 10 years back I would have hesistated to write on a topic like this but now I don't.


we have suffered through our teenage, make India a better place for next generation.


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