It seems just 2mrw. ..when our days rolled by,in search of new ways to add excitement to our day to was d time when we became strangers to friends n friends to family….ohh what glorious days..!!
we never were the one’s,to follow any rules…after all we were now out of school…!!
Those were the days ,when we would all jump into the can we forget r “vintage” blue car...;)
Jump in everytime..wid no plan…those wandering trips in d car..will all be remembered be it d SILENT or d roudy morning plans..;)
Our damned and careless days..with no thoughts f crease f tension…n no sensical interjections..;)..!!
We didn't know then where we were bound…we just cared then ,for the new world to be found…
Those were so far certainly the best days of my life, when fun and frolic was rife…!!
A refreshing realm of knowledge..oops did I just mention d word “knowledge”..;)
Those were d days f our college….Funny friends and funnier lecturers…Freaky fundas and flexible study plans..!!
Riddles and rumors, gossips and giggles-umpteen, added spice to the junk we hogged at the college canteen…every step in stairs i walked in the morning, took one step closer to OUR heaven…our colg canteen… though the taste of cafeteria's food wasn’t tempting,but who cared?.. All we wanted was just to sit n have it together…
we talked more than the whole college had eaten, we all learnt that there is something common in us, i don't know what to call it, or how to name it, but i learnt all meanings…meanings which cant be found anywhere else…
the meaning of love, life, pain, smiles and tears….
the smiles we smiled ,they went off in air,
the tears that fell ,they may have run dry,
the words we wrote on the boards,they could rub
the stories we wrote on exam papers,they could burn
the names we wrote on benches, they could rust
the pictures we drew on walls, they could paint
but the memories we wrote in each others heart,
they will last till an enchanted blessing with a promise f stronger shades till death separates us apart….
2mrw was a beginning…wid a promise of no end..meanwhile we became strangers to FRIENDS..!!

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