At twenty, I wonder what my third decade will hold;
Once again when I take birth ; out of the teen world!
I was formed in the womb of my mother-my dear;
Who turned my sadness into cheer!!

I thank God for adding yet another year into my life;
And happy to be a Single- Without a wife!
I know, I have to leave my teenage years behind;
What lies in the future? - Yet to find!!

All those teen years from January to December;
The best days of my life, now I remember!
I don’t know what a “ grown- up guy” does mean;
I don’t want to miss the child in me, lying dormant & unseen!!

I feel so old, I wish was turning 18 or 19 again;
Being an adult is such a scary thought in the brain!!
I stand at this point of time with nothing figured out;
Life in front of me, in a cloud of doubt!!

I know it is just another day;
But I will still celebrate life and play!
People call being in 20’s as the quarter life crisis;
But I will live life as if every moment of it is priceless!!

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