Page three gal
In frills and furl
On sofa she'd curl
Cat eyed beauty
Only doing her duty
Does a meow ..meeee
And she's soon found on page three.

This pose and that
Seductive but flat
Sways to the photographer's tune
As if his beautiful peon
A little this way...ahh..perfect..he says
As her body full view she lays

The page three celebrity
Doesn't know the nitty gritty
Of what real fashion's all about
Still she wears that huge pout
In that little black dress looks stout
She thinks she's the princess
And others much much less

She's always partying
Late nights..drunken mornings
Spends her time chitchatting
Or on phone gossipping
Still she manages to be news
Gets maximum views
The rape victim shoved aside
Calamities woe betide
She's number one
The page three fun

She traipses and catwalks
In permed hair and tiny frocks
Waltzes and dances
In stilletos
Then trips and flips
Her dress rips
Eyes like coals
Camera rolls
People poll
She's soon the maha page three soul.

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