Do you recognise her unfulfilled ice bitterness
Over her warm fragments, quietly melting in dimensional dreams.
After a century of expectations and a thousands times of saying "Yes"
You'll know it by the shouting stare of silence.

You will read it in gracelessness of untold phrases
Similarly, the undone photos and unwritten letters will maim your heart.
Her volatile string of despair and gentle eyes will go through you.
You will read her habits like a desperate fox
And see her as she passes by with a grin.

You will be together but not near anymore.
It'll hurt but there is no means to ease the pain as your hands will fall limply.
There will be a calm play having someone else's role..
You will be together, but not near
Powerless to make a difference and getting it cleared.
We are together, but not near
I see the girl in front of me and asks "Who?"
To find..its not.. the grand you.

© Kaustubh Ramtekkar

Tags: Loss

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