He is the one in our life who means everything to us. Our hero, strength, weakness, power, friend, joy, happiness, love, care, teacher, care taker. For some people who don't have a good bond with their mother , dad means even more to them. Dad can do anything to bring a smile on his child's face. But, when our dad leaves us alone someday, the pain in our heart will be more than it could ever hold, the tears from our eyes will never know how to stop. Even though our father stays in our mind and heart forever,  even then we can't escape the void they left us in. There are days when it feels like it happened just yesterday, the loss is like that. Some days you move on in your life forgetting about everything but then there are days when it cuts you to the core and the memories are strong.  I love him today just as much as I loved him when he was here with me or may be even more.

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