I woke up on our dining hall’s sofa. I had dozed off after having delicious supper made just for me (as expected from a mom’s special). Simply put, they become unbeatable once you start living away from home. Slowly opening my eyes, I wondered how come I am at my home. Wasn't a Bansal’s Review Test scheduled in a week’s time? I looked around to call Mummy, only to find out that she was busy in kitchen. Still lying on bed, I seeped down back into my thoughts about Kota and the hectic life there. Then, I remembered how the summers usually were. The times, when I would get so bored with “doing nothing”, that mummy would actually ask me to sleep during mid-days. Oh! I never liked midday naps. But, with hot 45 degrees outside, you just can’t step a foot out in sunshine. So, you would look out for TV or lie idle in bed. I would even whine to mummy, “I am sick of getting bored, do something!!” Trying to imitate again one of those days, with my eyes closed, I got closer to dream world again.

A little while later, I opened my eyes back. It was dark. I heard nothing except for the fan. Suddenly, this strange feeling takes over my mind. Where am I? Am I in Kota or am I in Bhilwara? I looked around. Still rubbing my eyes, I made a step out of bed, only to find out that I couldn’t stand yet. (Legs were stoned out of poor blood circulation, a syndrome known as parasthesia.) Well, this was a clue. This “numb legs” issue used to occur frequently when I would be in Kota. So, I was in Kota. :(. In fact, to put it correctly, I was back in Kota. It was just a sweet flashback of good old summer days. And, now, it was just five minutes to my daily evening classes. I rushed to the bathroom quickly.

--- --- ---

I was staring on the wall. Blank. No thoughts. The room was dimly lit from the light coming from faraway corridor’s tube lights. Suddenly, it occurred to me to close eyes for a while and to see if it helps. You guessed it right, I am trying to sleep here.

But, I found that it didn’t help at all. Though, this vain step created irritation in my eyes, but, I was far from a night’s sleep. I thought may be reading would help. So, lazily moving, I drew out my hand to reach out on table right next to my bed.

It would be appropriate to quote here that I am one of those people, who have their room well structured in mind. So, even if power goes off, into the darkness, I could find anything as small as a scissor or as indifferent as a subject’s notebook.

So, I reached out for my Digital Electronics book, the eyes still closed. My hand fell down suddenly out of no support. There was no table to put my hand on. I opened my eyes. To my surprise, there was no table close. A small table was there in room’s distant corner. It was one of the room-orientations I had during my stay in Kota. I could see something shining (like the radiating hands of an alarm clock) on the table. I looked around further to verify. I stared on the wall in front. It was a plain white sandstone wall. I could see some cracks in it. But, wait a minute, aren’t these similar to those I have back in my room at Bhilwara? I tried to listen to the external sounds. But, it was silent. I started panting. A headache started. A sense of disbelief, with stoned numb legs as usual, I just couldn’t decide. I was sitting amused at this strange state until I heard Hemant laughing out loud in corridor. It was probably around 8 in night. I was nowhere but at Roorkee. The table was faraway because I had moved the bed in half conscious state yesterday only. The table had a plastic toy on it. It’s happening again, I said to myself and stood up with a smile.

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