Afar-near, visits to be paid;
To where, grand celebrations are laid.
A gathering of the rational animals-
Wrapped in impressive personality labels.
What else a reason, for the host, be better?
Than to solemnize rightfully his self-honour.
Puts down proudly, his exaggerated panorama
For his victims(guests) to praise his bragging formula-
With a congenial, vibration of jealous frequency,
But never mistaking to show it openly.
Certainly,it did reach the owner,
Yet to be flattered, he leaves no corner.
Breathe the air of covetous attribute,
A broadened chest-a strengthened attitude.
A silent game keeps on running-
Beneath the affable smiles and altruistic lining.
A game, where- court and ball-both the host's
And to be an ace-assailant, he couldn't miss.
Pricked the heated egotistic balloons,
With all might of a flamboyant harpoon.
Hypocrisy sets the stage ablaze!
Everyone ends up muddled in the scrimmage.
Finally furnished with a fizzy feast.
Until jealousy digested to a momentary mist.
I left fast, as stepping back would now be heavy-
For a filled-stomach is more lazy than crazy!

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