BUSY BUSY BUSY Twelfth standard. I wake up, I go to school, I study, I go for tuition and at Eight I come back home . I then eat , talk with God and sleep. Some days are lucky, some days are just tiresome and some days are sad.I don't think my life has started yet it seems completely BUSY BUSY BUSY ! My school is filled with people of different kinds of attitudes , from different backgrounds, different religion and different situations. I have different kinds of experiences each day. Some are good and some I try to make it from bad to good. Ah ! The Principal, the depressed students who feel they are HUNDRED-YEARS-OLD,The teachers who carry huge sticks filled with regret for their childhood.
The Principal scolding us for eating with our hands( which is our tradition) and telling us that we look like cows while eating with our hands. She ruins my appetite all the time ! I mean, I taste of eating with my hand is something different rather than using the SPOON.
To be honest I'm proud to be a cow because they are our Holy animal !
The teachers who are dirty minded. My chemistry teacher gives us 'EXAMPLES' to remember our notes properly. One day he was teaching us defects on the arrangement of metals and he gave us a really disgusting example in which a boy would sit on a girl's lap and jump on it !!!!
SERIOUSLY ! It was damn too disgusting .
My friends,their mind is full of competition except for some friends .
"Susan, what is your total percentage for the monthly test ?" ..." I beat you this time" ...
I really don't care about the marks of others except my marks. I compete with myself.
The school loots so much of money from us,still the bus service is just till a common bus stop and from there we have to use the transport bus.
First it was hard for me because I was scared of the outside world. Now I became stronger inside my mind and now I am taking the transport bus everyday .
Sometime I feel like breaking down and sometimes I feel like giving up because such experiences make me feel that the whole world is changing. A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE CARE FOR THEMSELVES ...THEIR BENEFITS...THEIR GAINS ...THEIR PROFITS.
My maths teacher, she is a lovely lady but she doesn't teach us maths .She spends one and a half hours for doing a single sum !
My experience with teachers was bad since play school. My play school maths teacher nearly killed me through harassment .
It was my Grandmother who protested against her and now my grandmother passed away. Now, I left that school and joined this school. YET, I am happy. I have experienced a lot compared to others.
In life , we all need a person to share our sorrows with . I have my Pappa and Mamma but still sharing with them is limited. I want the whole world to realize whatever sad situations we are facing , we can face it with positive thought.
Even though my twelfth is a busy year I've realized there are more kids who are suffering the twice I'm suffering.
The Scenes in the transport bus,makes me realize how lucky I am.
My pocket money being twenty rupees and a person by my side struggling to get even seven rupees out of their bags.
My friends, I write just to show everyone that LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT TO BE. It is flexible.
THE world is just changing each day. We should accept the good and ignore the bad.I want those of you who regrets your life to think about the good things that God has given you.
Life is just like a spring season.
I write so that I can make people realize that there are other things or people in this world who needs care other than ourselves.
Don't be selfish but be selfless. I don't want you to give up everything but you can share your gift with others.
Never judge a person before judging yourself. How perfect are you ?
Might Principal might loot money and disrespect the Indian culture but she is a lady who faced a lot of hardships from her family.
She knows what life is.
My friends are just competing because they want to be something in their life . They are aiming for the eternal goal and I hope they achieve it.
My teachers , they just want us to be good students. They are being selfless even though they are impatient sometimes.
And WHO I AM ? I'm a normal girl who just writes to show that everything is happening for the good.


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