Sometimes clear
Sometimes hidden in beard
A curl in the lips
Sometimes comes with few teeth
With a spark in the eyes
Showing bliss and mirth
There comes a smile,
Having a million worth
Instilling the ambiance
With generosity and care
Sanctifying and refreshing
Rejuvenating and contagious
Comes like almighty’s blessings
Inculcating ecstasy all around
Preceding the laughter
Pleasant than any sound
The most pleasant moment on the earth
There comes a smile
Having a million worth
Shy, bold, calm, wild
Intermittent, perennial, intense or mild
Manifesting the happiness
Manifesting the benevolence
Manifesting real emotions
Spreading life’s true fragrance
And when it seems, that
Life has given a new birth
Then there comes a smile
Having a million worth

Tags: Happiness

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