So i am a teen, i suppose as they use to say out there . A tremendous boring life has become my "makhtob" as they use to say in alchemist. Technology has given this generation much help and wastage of time has become very easy. S o u don't have time to dream about bigger things like Pip. I don't know why but like they said in the
"diaries of the wimpy kid" parents just start hating u when u arrive at this age". And the best thing is u can be as stubborn as ever in ur life under this rock star type shelter. And the most important thing which u have to cooperate with is studies which is seriously in tolerable...yeah i know aren't ur situation is just like mine. That's the biggest problem how are u to complain about ur problem to ur friends who have same issues like urs....
feelings are at its peak and the best thing about this age is "anso bari jaldi aate haan yaar"

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