"Monsoon arrival in city hinges on cyclone Phet."
Read the morning newspaper.
This summer being extremely humid , it wasn't something we really wanted.Last year the El Nino effect decided how little rain our state received.

I pondered nevertheless on the names of these cyclones.Some come in rhyming pairs like Agni,Ogni; Aila,laila as if they are celebrities on a dance show on T.V.

Others derive their names from women like Nargis, Nilofar, Priya, Helen, or Nisha.
Is there an underlying motive in naming them so?

Are women like cyclones,bringing destruction everywhere they go ?
Maybe a handful ,as depicted on our daily Saas-Bahu soaps on television wherein a wicked, scheming woman is continually chasing a milder variety of her species .How impeccably they seem to be dressed even while going to bed.These soaps are interspersed with endless commercials of -more soaps! Yawn.

As a small consolation a Das and a Giri found their way into this list of infamy.
Bandu has been named even before he appears on the ocean.
That's the power wielded by our men.

Finally I couldn't help smiling over Chapala.
The guys who named him were so fed up with these fellows that they wanted to thrash him with their chappals.

(lifted straight from my old blogs)

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