PK. I guess every Indian was waiting for this movie. And why not, it has experts of the Indian Film Industry; Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani. Ever since the first poster of the movie was out, anticipation among audience increased. The poster had Mr Perfectionist nude holding a transistor covering is private part. I guess this is, by far, one of the boldest poster in the Indian film industry. Secondly, the name, 'PK'. Like any other movie buff, I was waiting for it and when it released, I couldn't stop myself.

In the initial few minutes, I understood that this movie is going to be different. Frankly, I didn't do my research, and I guess that's the best part of watching a movie; going without any idea what lies ahead. I didn't had a slightest idea that Aamir is playing an alien. I must appreciate Aamir for his boldness to pose naked on camera. He carried out it well without making the scene vulgar. In the first few second you come to know the main aim of the lead character, played by Aamir. It is his journey which is interesting.

The moment Aamir landed, his gadget to call his spaceship back was stolen by a guy he met first. He must get it back to return back to his planet. He has played a different alien from what we have seen till date; no clothes, looks like us, and has popping eyes and ears. Another thing, which was later explained, he doesn't speak. Apparently, in his planet people communicate either my touching each other hands or through telepathy.

After this first scene, another lead character of the movie comes in. She is 'Jaggu', played by Anushkha. She is studying Media in Belgium and falls in love with a Pakistani boy, played by Sushant. When Jaggu opens about her love to her parents, they consulted their 'family baba' (played by Saurabh) who said that Pakistanis can never be trusted. Next day they decide to get married but due to confusion, she left the church, heartbroken. She returned to Delhi and joined a TV channel to work under Boman. Jaggu is bored of what she covers and just when she needed a story of her choice, she meets Aamir. She finds him distributing pamphlets of 'God Missing'. This was interesting and she decides to follow this man and finds out the reason behind this absurd behavior.

It is in his quest Aamit's character, who by now got a name 'PK', discovers the truth about our religions, Gods, and the hollow connection between these two with humans. As PK tries to understand the unbreakable connection between the God and humans, he walks us through some of the harsh realities of our belief. The director and writer has made sure that they add rumors and deal with this issue, which is close to everyone's heart, sensitively. Not for a moment you will feel that the story is stretched or has not shown any sensitivity to the issue.

Aamir, without doubt, is by far one of the finest actors Indian Film Industry can have. He speaks Bhojpuri in the entire movie. What we all saw in trailer was only a trailer. He learned the dialect so perfectly that not for a moment you will feel that he is acting. His constant popping eyes and his perfect dialogue delivery will make you believe him. Director and story writer has perfectly framed the character of PK, a person from another planet who is analyzing our faith and belief as a third person. It is his third person's view which can easily question our belief.

Paresh Rawal gave us OMG! Oh My God!, where he questioned our belief and faith on religion. This movie can be on the similar track but the story writer has presented it differently. He has added humor and the third person's perspective. It is true, when you're inside a circle, you won't be able to see the entire path. It is necessary that you see the entire situation as a third person to be able to see clearly. Questions raised by these two movies; Oh My God! and PK, is genuine. I guess these movies are sign that we need to evolve ourselves and should open our eyes.

If you're Aamir Khan fan, then you should not miss this movie. It is Aamir's one of the best movies. People might have been little disappointed by him over Dhoom 3, but with this movie, he regains his trust and will definitely increase his fan following. Director Raju Hirani is one of the best directors our Indian Film Industry can have. He is one of those directors doesn't believe in minting money by simply making movies. I guess he makes movie because it is his passion. His movies are classic and are worth watching. He gave us 'Jaddu ki Jhappi', 'Gandhigiri', 'All izz well', and now 'wrong number'. Go and watch this movie for fun and take back some content to think about.

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