Black rimmed glasses, he wears specs
that man is the one with whom i had sex
Black shiny shoes shone under sunlight
he disappeared from my room in middle of night
At first sight he would seem a gentleman
he'd then try tactic to get in your pant
Charming sweet girls that have black hair
his black beady eye make your cheek flare
Dark young handsome he stood at 5' 10"
liar and cheat his name he said Sen
He'd take out to dinner and make his move
bastard so suave, he soon gets in groove
Your legs he'll rub and draw stockings down
his toes touch your shin and face pass a frown
A town hag he thinks each with he sits
I wish he gets a beating and some woman make him eat shit
He has a room in his name, his trick is all the same
helpless charmed we follow him without shame
He would remove coat, pants and shirt follows
his eyes follow mine, he kisses makes tongue swallow
Each night his routine a target to do 'it'
each pray brunette fits his list to have fun with that shit
Fetish of breast and chest pervert chooses to suck
overwhelmed by his spell we lay like lame duck
He boasts he was endured with wealth and things
i thought he'd bring all the good things
He sang a song at wish when i asked for it
That bastard pervert left me, alone after sex that horny shit!

Tags: Hate

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