A smoke in my hand and glass on the table, I'm resting on the carpet.
52 cards like 52 emotions thinking love or hate would be my bet.
Killing time, thinking what to do I start to shuffle the pack.
While taking a puff a card slips out and queen falls off the rack.
I stare at the card; I lean forward to put it back in place.
That's the time a thought hits me why the queen has such a sad face?
Is she the dark queen of clubs, is she irritated in any way?
Or is she the queen of diamonds, sparkling and happy every day?
Did the king pumped a spade in her heart and scattered it in thousands?
Or her affair with jack is going haywire who promised her some diamonds.
Yes it resembles our human lives, the emotions and characters of cards.
We all feel we are the king & need a queen in the courtyard.
The queen comes to life out of the card, still sitting very grumpy and sad.
I wink at her, kiss her gently & out of the robe she unclads.
I grab her tits hard and firm, I show her the meaning of strong hold.
Life is just like playing cards, here my bet & cards unfold.
I banged her once, I banged her twice, and I lay my arms around her waist.
She tells me “Oh my king, I love you like hell, I can still feel the salty taste".
Days pass by, positions changing, sometimes I'm up and sometimes she.
She looks in my eyes & asks a weird question “will you marry me"?
I say "yes", she says “I love you my king, I'll be back from the loo".
I wink to myself, wearing my clothes knowing what to do.
She comes out of the loo naked, happy, wild & very delirious.
I'm not there; she finds a card on the bed “I’m the joker, why so serious".

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