I don't know how this poem just happened to come to my mind... the context is of your choice Readers :)

I set a condition which you didn’t fulfill,
And I wait for a ‘yes’ if you can say it still.
I wanted to be your only dream, your angel your wife
Apart from that you also made me your life.
Our love was of a different kind,
A beautiful game of Nature’s mind.
Without any loopholes
The perfect meeting of two souls.
Whenever your voice said, “Hello” in a song
I could hear it resounding for long.
Then my eyes would fill buckets to the brim
My fading present would see a future dim.
I know I left you and you thought I was cheating
And the sun that now rises isn’t as greeting.
I am a writer by profession
But to love is my heart’s only occupation,
It loved you and you reciprocated
But then our paths were bifurcated,
I chose to go my way
And you went your way.
Our promises, our vows and dreams of eternal love
Disappeared somewhere in the dark clouds above.
For your generous love, how can I thank you?
I pray for a girl, better than I, to love you.
The last thing you can do for me
Is to forget me, for me.
I am a writer and I express what I feel,
In this poetic way as anymore I can’t conceal
Understand it if you can, understand if you will,
Don’t let your life come to a standstill.
Our destiny was changed all in a blink
Your promises, you keep, so please don’t drink.

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