Dear observant,
I am sorry to say -
I walk the path again,
For its been a long coming,
But I am not getting any younger,
So I got up from the last fall,
I walk the path again.

I know its concerning,
But I thing I owe myself the trial,
Cause there's no meaning nor purpose.
Not any that has made sense to me,
Its alright to walk this path,
Cause then it would all be complete.
We walk it till we aren't on it anymore,
Its not okay to think like that.

With discretion,
I am sorry to say -
I walk the path again,
This time I will not jump,
Apologies for my failed tries.
I will not apologize for falling,
It is meant to be,
However fingers crossed,
Would be long fall,
I'm tired of getting back up alone.

With my experience I would gladly advice you,
that falling and failing are not the same thing,
but jumping and falling are most opposites.
So please fall for love might catch you,
But by all wisdom do not jump,
For love will drive by you.

With most feelings.


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