The unpleasant.

The sore, surly, grumpy, grouchy denizens of WriterBabu.

Still don't get it? I'm talking about you, you Humm-Monsters!

Okay, so what is your problem?

No, tell me.

Did you have a fight? Lost your wallet?

Did anybody tell you off?

Bad day at work?

Or are you just an unappreciative bloke who finds some sort of twisted sense of power and satisfaction in underrating someone else's hard work?

Well, whatever is or isn't your problem dude (or dudette. I don't discriminate!), you should know that you certainly wield no power whatsoever on any other person or their efforts.

DO you know what it takes for us to squeeze out our thoughts, delicately weave them together, finding the perfect words to put them into, accompanied with love and care... And a whole lot of courage, knowing that there will be some heartless fiend who'll happily rate it a Humm, often without even actually reading it...

Yeah I know all about your right to opinion. I have one too. Unlike you I don't use it to crush other's hard work.

You know what? The author would appreciate it a LOT if you rate their work a Humm and then tell them the reason for it. You don't like it? Good for you, mate. Tell me why you don't like it, where I can improve, and I promise you, I will love you for your honesty, even your Humm.

But when you give me a Humm, a silent Humm, for me you are just a jealous unappreciative creep.

And I know, there would be nothing I could do to please you.

No amount of mine, or infact anyone's influential ideas, words or thoughts will budge yours. It hurts me personally when I see you rating some of the most beautiful writings here.

Because you revel in underrating someone's efforts.

There is nothing much I have to say to you except, grow up.

Rise above your pettiness and you'll see there's a lot out there, just waiting to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Make someone's day. If you like it, SAY you like it.

And yes, lighten up!

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